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This is your local branch of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, an association of licensed and prelicensed marriage and family therapists (MFTs) and affiliated mental health practitioners in the state of California.

Mental Health Resources

Local resources including support groups, hotlines, drug and alcohol rehab, mental health support, etc.


For Therapists

Our purpose is to create an environment in which therapists, interns, and allied professionals can grow personally and professionally. The chapter actively provides training to local professionals and to the public at large.

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Upcoming Events

Café CAMFT Presents: Exploring How Gender Identity Impacts Eating Disorders & Body Image by Micah Hammond, PCCI

It is a misconception that eating disorders impact primarily young, white, straight, cisgender females. There is a growing understanding through research that eating disorders disproportionately impact transgender and gender expansive individuals. This presentation will provide you information and skills that will help you to better serve this under-recognized population. We will explore how the clinical…

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Café CAMFT Presents: Treating Addiction with Mindfulness and Self Awareness by Valerie Byrne, MFT and Sage Smiley, LCSW

Addictions are tenacious, as most of us can attest to. We have seen the devastating effects of being out of control with substances, whether in our personal experience, through our families and close relationships, or with clients. What if a client comes to you for help to change their patterns, but they are not ready…

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Café CAMFT Presents: What Should Be In Your Client Charts – But Probably Isn’t by Barbara Griswold, LMFT

Most of us never received training in how to write progress notes or treatment plans.  But you may not realize how your current note-keeping habits can hurt you – and your clients.  Especially with insurance plans more frequently reviewing client charts – even those of out-of-network therapists – this training couldn’t be timelier. This course will give you a great…

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A Message from the Co-Presidents

A Message from your Presidents:

As Co-Presidents of the Santa Cruz Chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (SC-CAMFT), we are honored to welcome new, current and potential members, as we lead this community into a year filled with opportunity, personal development and professional growth.

Our goal is to build the Chapter into a valuable resource, a professional platform to help navigate the world of psychotherapy. Whether it’s finding the right internship or supervisor, locating office space, staying up to date with relevant research and trainings, or simply obtaining yearly CEU’s – we’ve got you covered.

Together with the Chapter’s ongoing networking and training events, it is our hope that membership provides ease in developing clinical connections and creating professional collaborations with like-minded therapists. We’re excited to be part of this developing network and eager to host and join in this worthwhile benefit.

By assuming the Co-Presidency, it has become our commitment to offer professional connection, clinical engagement and fresh perspectives. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about your needs, wants, interests and expectations for the Chapter.  We welcome suggestions and feedback as we support and grow this vibrant community.


All the best,

Maaliea Wilbur, LMFT and Jeni Woodfin, MFT Intern